About us! Agate nails – the success story!

Perkant 2 vnt gelio ar acrygelio - 50ml gelis cover K (#5276) dovanų, perkant 120 eur ir daugiau – 10vnt. klasikinių gelinių dažų spalvų po 5-7 ml

Hi ! I am Zhana Balaush from Agate nails company!


Our philosophy! With LOVE to the ART! And we love our work, we love our customers…

We’ve started out on our journey more than a 8 ago. Through the hard work and dedication of our employees – from the warehouse staff to chemical engineers – we have become nail fashion trendsetters.

Our product selection has blossomed into one of the most varied in the industry, and now boasts more than 40 types of builder gels and acrylics and 150 gel polishes! Each season, we enhance our selection with a mixture of innovations and brand new colorways in accordance with the latest trends, meticulously keeping the much-coveted balance between quality and quantity.

As the founder of Agate Nails, I am delighted and extremely proud that I was lucky enough to be a part of such an extraordinary story and that I could contribute to laying down the principles of the Agate Nails team spirit and success philosophy.

We are grateful for your trust and dedication, and we are more motivated than ever to work hard and bring you the best nail products in the world, and provide all the equipment you need to deliver the ultimate nail sculpting and nail polishing experience for your customers, and make our success story your success story.

Agate Nails company – the nail innovator

Zhana Balaush

Beauty Expert and Advisor

Zhana  Balaush – is The International Nail Championships coach and judge, leading Agate Technologist and Founder of Agate Brand. Nail care specialist. the founder, owner and top manager of bazana.club international nail school , the creator of many training programs in nail design and nail modeling, the author of articles in journals of  Nail design . International Nails School

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